"Economic growth continues to be insufficient in the face of a rapidly growing population, putting pressure on limited national resources," said Hon. Billy Hilly, Minister of Commerce, Industries and Employment during the second reading of the Companies Act 2009.
The above comment by Hon Hilly cannot be overstated. It is a known fact that we have one of the fastest growing rate in the world but I do not think the government is putting much emphasis on population control- leaving it almost entirely on NGOs. I see population growth and its consequencea as major threat to the economy and our livelihood. Simply that there are too many people born that we can feed educate and give jobs to. The average monthly number of babies born at the National referral hospital is 400. That is only at the NRH which saves Honiara and Guad province. That is about a primary school month!! When the total number of babies born a year nationally is taken into account perhaps we should be building 40-50 schools a month. The government must actively pursue policies that control population because our resources are few.