Thank you very much Frank for opening my eyes. I would like to pose a question about how many of those tenants do pay taxes to the government and it would be very interesting to know how many of them are legally registered businesses under the registry of titles? If they or most of them are not registered then, are they helping in the economy of the country? I fail to see how these people contribute to the economy when failing or escaping the taxation law of the country.I fail to see how these people help the economy when practising black market of other items. I fail to see the contribution to the economy when people by pass creating a conducive trading environment so that more people could come and use the place as one stop shopping centre,instead in a unhygienic place. I think if that place is more hygienic, there will be more trading opportunities for other goods and in other areas. I fail to see the contribution to economy when people get drunk and cause problems which will back fire on how health system, court system and causing a down turn in these areas, which heavily depend on the country's economy.Crime indicates a sick society and let alone economic development. I presume that people are also selling the prohibited drink in that centre, no belo ia.

The concept is good but I fail to see it working in other countries. I hope this works in the Solomon Islands.
I would label John Harold as an opportunist who is practising self service in light of the wrangling that occurs in the HCC cockpit of power and when HCC is using this time to focus on other matters than acting on the cries of people of Honiara residing in the vicinity of Kukum market centre. He cares only about the money but not the face of the market centre. That is not improving Honiara at all which should be seen as a prerequisite for further economic aspirations. I believe the profound concern for his is just $$$$ and that is it.