The issues pertaining to the above subject is capturing. There are many good aspects and bad aspects of Kukum market which needs proper evaluation and assessment before actions taken. The spot is ideal for legal as well as illegal business transactions between consumers and indigenous self proclaimed business people who rented the wooden box like lock up shops. The idealness of that place promoted itself to be the only place in the city that practises 24/7 business activities. The never ending business dealings, however posed related negative impacts as well as provided possible potential harm and damage in the horizon. A current environmental damage created by the people living in the centre is the usage of the nearby Kukum field as lavatory. Kukum soccer pitch is longer as it used to be, but rather covered with pockets of filthy,smelly and disgusting human wastes from what came of the mouth and what came out of the digestive tract. Very soon the boundary will be extended in the westerly direction, as a result of demand for more boxes by people to do trading. This will mark an expansion which will earmark the accumulation of more wastes and more illegal activities. It will be compounded with other crimes of drinking and disorderly in the public. I know that in Honiara, where there is a lot people there is bound to be more waste from filthy and unhygienic life style, inconsiderate and self fish behavior which will impact negatively on the city. There other reasons among these that converge to the negativity of the present Kukum trading centre and they are I believe detrimental to the areas of economy, environment,law, health and general physical wellbeing of our residents around that place.
To the contrary, I admire the concept that John Harold implemented but it can be approached in a proper way. To illustrate one possibility, Harold should by now accumulated a lot of funds from rentals and should demolish the present wooden boxes and build permenent modern boxes like the ones currently occupying the sea-side opposite to Kukum labour line and adjacent to Top 10 night club. I guess that will meet the requirements and standards of Town and Country Planning Board.

By the way, John Harold can tap on other financial institutions to fund any undertakings in regards to improvement of the site and I guess he can do it.