Dear Editor,

Please give space to outcast my opinion on the request for Closing of Kukum Market which is Known as South East Market Resources Centre(SEMRC). Well in response to the article of Wilson Luvii, I think what Mr Harold is doing is okay. In economic context Mr. Harold has been contributing to many areas such as providing opportunities in terms of self employment to the indigenous people of the country. In additional to that it reduces the unemployment rate in the country . Moreover,with that many parents can facilitate the children's school fees as far as forms 4,5,6 and 7. are concerned.

Therefore, as one of the students where my school fees was facilitated from this market or squatters as many would like to classified Kukum market under. Thus, I think the responsible authorities should look more seriously into this matter before implementing any for short term planning which will cost the economy of the country as a whole. Remember the saying which says "Together we stand and divided we fall".
I hope with these short thoughts that should be enable whoever is responsible for making goods decision for the indigenous people of this country.