The Kukum market may have been successful in providing a venue for people to earn something, the lessees to make profit, and the SITC to sell its tobacco products. I am not so sure, however, that it was a total success, or as successful as it was initially intended by the owner (HCC). It could have, had the lessees adhered to their obligation. In this case they have failed.

Our governments including HCC have insufficient resources to maintain public amenities. Why they are in this way is another question, but to make sure facilities such as the Kukum market is operational to standard, the HCC seeks to partner with private businesses.

This is a good approach whereby the businesses can support a government in maintaining public facilities and services. Since the SMRC is not capable of managing the facility in the way that is expected, they should exit and make way for another lessee to take over.

I only hope that when terminating the SMRC, the HCC is not repossessing the management of the facility, they are equally incapable as can be seen in a lot of poorly maintained facility in Honiara. HCC should continue outsource the management of this facility or for that matter any other facilities that can be profitably managed.

And when we are given the privilege to manage public facilities (or positions) because a public entity does not have the necessary capacity, let's not continue to ask the government that it should do this and that. Instead besides making our profit, let us ask ourselves what we can do to add value to these facilities and make sure that it benefits the general interest of the public.

I guess this sounds familiar and akin to the popular; "Ask not what your Government can do for you...." by President JF Kennedy.

With the betel nut, please not again, let's slowly find other back areas for this.

Lastly as the public market area is limited and crowded in Honiara, it is a good opportunity for Guadalcanal province to build another one outside west or east Honiara. It will profit G province, savings for HCC, ease traffic, and benefit the general public of Honiara and G province.