Thank you Felix for your submission in clarifying this issue. Now I know that Solomon Islands will very soon have an online university with its physical structure established somewhere in the Solomon Islands. I wonder if Solomon Telekom can support this type of business in their service deliverance. I know our Telekom has not been to the standard we would like it to be. Mobile phones and faxes experiences fault at many occasions and now the University of Honiara is very keen to establish here according to information obtained from your office. Beside I wonder what type of person is Mr. Dennis Adonis. In one moment he is Ms. Sealey, a woman from New Zealand in its biological nature and all of a sudden, he is a male calling himself Mr. Simeon from Solomon Islands. I wonder if these two born out of the same species of human beings because a person cannot born twice. Let alone this Dennis Adonis. And his CV is very interesting to see. The way he tries to offer something to our officials is quite disturbing. I personally doubt this man integrity. Its shows that he is one of the most con man living on earth in our history. Good work Mr. Felix for exposing this type of people. I would suggest that you burn his application or flush it somewhere. I will email all my friends about this con man. Please Felix keep on up dating us about this ghostly figure. A woman turning into a man.. What surprise.