I totally agree with the statement made by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, that the appointment of former Police Commissioner was dubious. As the PM already stated, the rightful procedures were not followed in the recruitment of Castles, and yet no one seems to challenge this. Every body seems to keep silent about this until the GCC government of Prime Minister Sogavare came into power.

Like the PM, I am also question why the former government of Kemakeza, the National Council of Women, the Trade Union, the Civil Society, and the so called Transparency Solomon Islands group never challenge the appointment of Castles. If they had challenged this then their argument in upholding our constitution will have a base and would be deemed fair.

Therefore, I think it is best that all this Non Government Organisations like the National Council of women, should stop arguing with the government and try to reason things out. I like to remind us that while politics involves our daily decision making the root of it runs deep. It is like a tree growing out from the core of the earth. Therefore, you need deep reasoning to see the bases of the argument between our Government and the Australian government.