Luwii pointed out in his article that the cleaning up of kukum market is neccesary as a health concern. While that may be true, "health concerns" is a much broader issue which should not be seen in isolation from other latent factors that has been threatening and will continue to threaten the health of SI-ders of all age groups. I am here refering to some of the clean shops in town.

Though the physical environments are clean, the junk foods that are being sold are a real health hazard. Last year Dr.Jeffery Hii of WHO revealed the alarming & persistent rate of diabetes in SI. In 2007 alone there were 3200 patients suffering from diabetes. Just like the ghettos in kukum who care less about health, the retail shops are not any better. On few occasions I bought tin foods that were sold out of their shelf life (expired). Even the small [Waku] practices of giving $ change to customers with some sweet lolly should not be ignored.