Dear Editor,

John Harold is making a lot of excuses trying to ensure that his clients and their dirty and unhealthy business is not eliminated from the Kukum area.

The South East Marketing Resource Centre (SEMRC) is nothing with regarding to the claim by John Harold with regards to Solomon Tobacco.
People can still buy their cigarettes and tobacco at clean shops in China Town and Point Cruz. Please Mr. John Harold send your tenants back to their villages to cultivate their land and make a living out of their land and resources rather that living and struggling in this inhumane condition. The Mayor of Honiara City is acting in the best interest of the general Honiara public.

I see no direct benefit from the 31 stalls mentioned by John to the Solomon Islands. What I see is trouble/sickness caused by inhumane living conditions, smoking (cigarette, tobacco, marijuana) and chewing betel nut.

If a healthy nation is the priority of the government, then the government through the relevant authorities should work together with Honiara City Council to quickly dismantle the 31 stalls at the kukum garbage and redevelop into a more hygienic market outlets. The government only a fraction of the 2 and 6 thousand dollars that Mr John is claiming as the daily earnings of each of vendor.
Why did Solomon Tobacco come in here? If they concerned about losing customers, let me say this: your industry is a thriving industry. Nowadays, children start smoking at the age of 9 and the total number of smokers keeps on increasing everyday. If Solomon Tobacco genuinely has concern for their customers then they should be involved in the proper redevelopment of the kukum market.

Please remove the kukum market now and the ghettos therein to reduce the social problems and associated crimes committed in there.

Close the kukum market is not a loss for the government, the tenants and the clients (company involved). It is in the health interest of the general public, Honiara City, tourism industry etc.