Dear Mr. Editor,

Please allow me the opportunity to add my voice to concocted negative letters that had appeared in your online paper regarding the University of Honiara Campus 2012 Project.

I have never been a good contributor to letter columns because I sometimes discern the impunity with which one can use such columns to instigate and promote their own agenda much to the detriment and discomfort of others.
Additionally, since I am engaged in procedures with the Solomon Islands Government, aimed at effecting the University of Honiara Campus 2012 project, I am reluctant to discuss such an issue in the public domain.

However, this webpage was consistently brought to my attention by concerned staffs of the University of Honiara Campus 2012 Project, all of whom found it necessary that I contribute to the contents of this page.

As a matter of fact, after being shown the contents of the varying letters and the foregoing article, I was appalled the most by the latest letter submitted by Billy Felix, and as such, I felt an urge to reply.

I would believe that Mr. Billy Felix Pelise is the Senior Investment Officer in the Solomon Islands seconded by the Director and Assistant Director.
Mr. Billy Pelise seems to have the benefit of nepotism on his side as I cannot imagine why Mr. Felix will attempt to make wild accusations without the consent of his superiors.
But since, this issue is already in the public domain, Mr. Billy Pelise's position is now irrelevant, and his accusations are now the issue of the day.

I must quote that never in my life had I ever witness a Government foreign investment agency ridiculing a potential investor in the local media, and more so, attempting to degrade the investor even while his application is being processed.
Any wise person would agree that something is terribly wrong.
Why can't they just refuse approval if all of the information that they supposedly have about the investor or his project is falsified?
Why don't they institute criminal proceedings against the investor rather than making accusations in the press?

Why the Director at the Foreign Investment Division doesn't issue a statement in support of this junior officer's (Billy Pelise) allegations?

Why doesn't the investment division simply submit a Government complaint to the international domain name authority ICANN to shut down the University of Honiara website?

How did Pay Pal, ebay, IBCIM, I-safe site, and spam safe grant the institution's administrators website credibility seals?

Which bank had investigated and allowed this institution to have a Merchant account to accept Visa, Master Card and other credit card payments for courses online?

How can the United Nations Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) accredit this institution to its training directory?

But only time can exposed how devious and nasty a person Mr. Felix is.

Mr. Billy Pelise's behavior is tantamount to outright prejudice, injustice and partisan politics to the investment applicant. I would assume that he wished he could have said no the Campus 2012 project, but one can only agree that facts and not fiction has to stand.
If it was not for the few friends that I have from the Solomon Islands, Mr. Billy Pelise would have caused me to think negatively of such a warm and wonderful people.

I am now asking myself, why should I go through all of this, What kind of trusted officer will falsely ridicule someone like this, and what does Mr. Billy has against me. Ironically, I can't seem to find the answers for either question.

Sadly enough, it is quite unfortunate that readers are unaware of the true history of this personal conflict between myself and Mr. Billy. But again, as important as that would have been, the issue at hand has overshadowed this.

My intentions along with my co-investors to set up this institution in the Solomon Islands had been legitimate from day one, and it still is.
Before we transferred the Institution's name from the ITT Institute to the University of Honiara, our student population and new registrations had surpassed our weekly 100% target. But since the name change to the University of Honiara, our overall student population dwindled down by 47%.
We are still trying to research why this had happened since we spent several weeks providing notices of our intention.
In despite of this, we were still optimistic about the University of Honiara Campus 2012 Project and worked feverishly to bring this project on wheels. We did not dumped the idea in despite of a fall in standard income because we are committed to it.

I am so enthusiastic about making the Campus 2012 project a reality in the Solomon Islands that I felt deeply in love with the initiative, and even the country itself.
But to be greeted in this way is nothing less than being nailed to a cross for doing nothing wrong, other than refusing to bend to an investment officer's greed.
Again I ask myself, what I have done to done to be treated this way.

The first time Mr. Billy Pelise heard about the University of Honiara was when I contacted him (some several weeks after my application was submitted to the Investment Director).

I submitted every piece of documentation and fees as required by procedures and has always been co-operative on all inquiries direct to me by the investment division.

Anyhow, what troubles me and is the biggest joke of all, is Mr. Billy's fairy tale of me being a Nigerian Citizen, and the shady history that comes with that supposed individual.

I don't know any one in from Nigeria. I had never been to Nigeria nor have any affiliation, contacts (business or otherwise) with anyone in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, I had never been to the African continent. So I am really in a state of shock to read Mr. Billy's allegation of me being a Nigerian fugitive.

If Mr. Billy Pelise truly supports what he writes, then he should contact INTERPOL or Microsoft Internet Fraud enforcement Unit and provide them with that information. Its that simple.

The fee paid to the investment division was done by Western Union. That transaction was done by me (Dennis Adonis). Western Union does not accept and send transfers unless they are satisfied with the identity documents provided to them. Additionally, the investment division would have secured a copy of the Western Union receipt containing my name and the origin and address of the sender and transfer.
Can Mr. Billy Pelise say where the fee payment (through Western Union) came from, and what is the name of the sender?

I had never received a single email or letter from the Investment division disputing my identity, as I would have made every attempt to clarify any such ridiculous concern.
The investment division has a copy of my passport which they can verify with the issuing country's authorities. Or they can seek the assistance of a foreign embassy or Diplomatic mission to ascertain my identity by causing me to present myself to a consular.
It is with profound regret that Mr. Billy Pelise went to such an extreme to make me look like a Nigerian scam artist. This gentleman (Mr. Billy Pelise) seems to be suffering from some sort of mental or paranormal breakdown and needs to take his medication urgently. He is more of an investment liability and bribe sucker at the Investment division. The Solomon Islands Government should investigate and replace his position.

From my perusal of the letters on this website, I have discovered that the Solomon Islands had apparently had its share of bad investments, some of which was mentioned by other writers. And in those circumstances the authorities and citizens alike have a right to be concerned. I myself would have been vigilant and skeptical. But that would NOT have meant fabricating lies on an honourable investor such as myself.
But the attempt to besmirch my character and legitimate interest by posting defamatory articles, as Mr. Billy is doing, is another thing.

I have asked my publishing agent to establish a portal containing copies of my identity documents etc online at: so that readers can view and investigate my identity and all of my other investments including Intelsoft and soundproof Music.
The website at is currently under construction, and will have copies of my ID, etc, and be fully functional within a week or so.

In the interim, readers are encouraged to send their personal inquiries or request to me at;

I would be more than willing to provide any reasonably requested information you may need.

Thank you for hearing me out.

Dennis Adonis
Investment Partner and (acting) Vice Chancellor
University of Honiara Online (Campus 2012 Project)