Dear editor,

It's in fact, sympathy to those 105 students who have lost their scholarships. I can just feel the mixing reactions produced by this shocking blast.
But who should be blamed responsibility?

Perhaps both the sacked students and NTU office should re evaluate their stakes.
Axed students should look back and re assess their strengths, their weaknesses, their opportunities, and the threats to find out the root causes of their de-performances.

If the outcome shows their failure then their termination is fully warranted. If their situation was beyond their control then NTU was responsible as well. However students have all the right to appeal their cases given acceptable justifications. Simple.

Of course, not only at USP, do we find our sponsored students underperforming, but in many other regional institutions. I hope this sings a warning signal to all current regional scholarship holders that their award is not a right but a privilege to make full use of. That they too if they are not care full, they can be expelled.

What had occurred should tickle NTU to thoroughly review its current scholarship policies. I doubt the ones now are applicable. NTU office should also be aware that students' low performances may be due to environmental factors which were beyond their control and it must properly do an aerial scan of atmosphere of where most axed students lived. By this it can be in a good position to craft realistic regulations that will help to control and limit students failing.

Further, NTU seemed radical in its recent decision, however next time, it should also do a strategic environmental analysis of the students' situation before making decisions. Otherwise its actions boomerang on it as a responsible authority.
What some of us reason now is: both NTU and the students were held accountable for the micro and macro consequences of this national loss.