I write to respond to Jeremy for clarifying my previous article. I think something we forget to see is we are going to go back and work in Solomon Islands, and not United States.

Are we going to go back and build more stalls to sell betel nut as a means of creating our own jobs? Another thing is Solomon Islands' system of employing is contaminated by nepotism and even it seems like it has no retired ages for its workers. The situation in the country is even not too easy to create jobs because of its economc strength. Capital is hard to find. I even highlight remittance, which is something we must see whether it will improve our countries welfare or not. We are in the pacific, and most Pacific countries survive through remittance.

And finally, most university graduates who work in the country did not do their jobs properly. What I mean here is they do their applied job but also engage to other works out from their job to earn enough money, and in the end, they do not commit to their work fully and become disfunction the department or company they work under.