Dear Editor,

It is sad to see a bulk of future Solomon Islanders being ripped-off their scholarships because of under performance and other ingredients that branded them as failures. I do believed that they, one way or the other, have tried their best. No one works to fail but excel. However, do the Ministry of Education, NTU, for that matter ever ask themselves of how well do they prepare these students for tertiary education outside the country's education system? Do our education system cater for other avenues apart from passing exams, such as attitudes towards commitment and assertiveness? If so to what extend or how serious have you implement these human values? At the end of the day, these students are not machines just to pass exams but human beings and every aspect of that is needed to be molded.

The failure of these students cannot be totally blamed only on their part but the whole education system need to be re-evaluated.

To those 105 students and others before them, life does not end there my friends or as the saying goes; " failure is not the end". Remember people like Einstein, Bill Gates, and many more, had failed and failed miserably in thier times respectively, but they become the most powerful people in their field. Therefore, don't give up! be optimistic and persevere in life.