Hi there, its interesting to read those that are pro and against termination of scholarships from students that did not pass their courses.

I believe, NTC/SIG have done what is required of them by sending students to study. When students get to Fiji are meant firstly to study, and the ball is now in their courts to study and pass courses as required. But if they failed their courses, obviously they need to return.

Our scarce finiancial resources can't be wasted on students who are not serious and perform as expected of them.

I for one believe in what other writers have said. These scholarships are not a right but a privilege given to an individual student from the tax payers of our nation and should be treated with great gratefulness by those recipients. Because remember there are thousands of potential stuents who are looking forward to such opportunities in Sol Islands but missed out when NTC/SIG awarded you that privilege. Remember a failure by a students is equal to a missed opportunity for our Country as whole.