Dear Editor,

I read with interest the views of others regarding the above. Whilst I sympathise with the victims to the decision and axe of NTC, I hereby would like to remind scholars that scholarship is not a right but a previllege. It is a previllege which also comes with greater responsibility to act accordingly in terms of passing required papers to be in the race. I do not blame NTC and SIG for unneccessary dishing out of scholarships by way of nepotism as claimed, as their decisions was based on the credentials that are part of the application package of each individual. To shout out against NTC and label them as practising nepotism must be proved beyond all reasonable doubts and let us not take only one case to say that. We need to have at least more than fifty percent to make valid conclusion.

In contrast, I will point fingers to the decisions of individual scholars in relation to your studies. If a student decides to invest more time in social life and less time in doing assignments and doing other related tasks required then, termination is seen as the result of the bad decisions of the students whilst in USP. University studies is about maiking right decisions, as it is assumed that whoever enters any university is academically competent and will meet all the academic requirements of the institution by means of passing the papers. Put differently, failing is not a result of over doing the social part of Fiji, but not just doing work and studies loyally and faithfully.

In this, to the victims, let us take time to ponder and reflect on where we went wrong in the journey that we had started in USP and do not think that it is the only way, there are other ways of getting a degree and accomplishing your goals in life.