I would rather go for any move towards "Indepedance of Mentality" than that which puts emphasise on idealistic material benefits attributed to being seperated geographically.

It seems that we are still struggling with the mentality imposed on us by the colonial powers who partitioned our islands into what we are now today.

First Mendana "discovered" our region and called it Solomon Islands. Then came the imperial powers [GB] who partitioned our islands into districts for none of our interests but merely for the convinience of their administration purposes.

Then it follows that when SI gained "Independence" in 1978, our leaders merely gave legislative endorsement, through the relevant laws, to the Imperialist view of what SI ought to be.

As a matter of fact our provinces' call for Independance/Federal State - whatever that is, is a hangover from the Imperialists view, not ours. I would like to see SI gaining her Re-Independance and not further demarcation.