While I cannot rule out the social life here as contributing factor to students' poor performance, I also cannot rule out the possibility that perhaps some students [some of those terminated?] have not been given SIG scholarship on merit by NTC. Thus their failure.

Now the NTC would jump on its feet to claim the former, which is an expected response. However, I think taking that stand only shifts the blame on the SIG for its lack of decisiveness to go ahead with the much talked about USP fourth Campus in SI. Put it simply, if students studying in Fiji are distracted due to social life, then build a university campus for them in their own country.

By raising this I am not attempting to justify students' poor performance at USP, Laucala. Rather the decision to axing students with knowledge of the reason[s] for their failure without an alternative (4th Campus) can also be described as an "ignorant decision". My use of this phrase [ignorant decision] may not sound pleasing to some readers ears & mind. Nevertheless, I have the right to wrong or to be corrected.