Grateful if you could allow me a space to comment on the above issue.

I wish to voice out my coment with regards to the above subject.

Firstly it was sad to see and hear some students should be terminated. They had fail four courses with E grades but NTC and NTU still sending them to USP. May I call upon the ministry to put up all the grades inorder for us to see.

For informations i know personnally those students who I am reffering to. What I know is if any student fail with four courses he or she will be in soup for termination. But I am surprised to see nepotism exist in such a Ministry like NTU.
I asked one of my friends regarding his termination, he told me that he has been terminate for failing three units for his first semester at the University of South Pacific. Whereas one student I know failed four courses with E grade in his first semester was sent back to study in Laucala for another waste of money.

Therefore, NTC need to be more transparent and dealt fair with decisions of terminating students. May God bless Solomon islands.