Dear Editor,

I think people thought that attaining independence is just as easy as declaring a new Province. They must be dreaming!

There are a whole lot of issues surrounding it, the most obvious (I stand to be corrected here) is being recognised as a state under International Law. To be crowned with this recognition is something I will leave to our lawyers visiting this site to elaborate on. And even the issue of drawing Malaita's 300 Miles Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) is just too difficult to come to terms with as that will cover the whole of Solomon Islands. If it still a contentious issue in international law, how on earth are Malaitans going to achieve that? mi no save nao olgeta wantok.

And to my friend Paul Tavea, I think Malaitans contribute considerably to the economic development of Solomon Islands and they deserve to be given credit. Their fine achivements enable them to dominate the workforce, both government and private sector, and a significant portion of the developments you see changing the face of Honiara is done by Malaitans. Most own well respected companies that gives pride to the country.