I wish to thank Patricia Rodie for supporting concerns raised by landowners and others in the local media recently. Indeed the case of cyanide leakage is a very serious one and responsible authorities support the calls raised by landowners. I am surprised the provincial government, the SIG and Landowners are silent about this issue. On Friday morning I read in the National Express that a Mining expert from Brisbane had confirmed that cyanide is indeed a dangerous chemical capable of causing a environmental disaster.

The calls by Robert Pepeo and Ben Afuga (Landowners) who spoke public about the issue must be congratulated. Support must therefore come from the landowners council and provincial governments for a worthy cause. If the leakages are in Australia, no one will keep quiet. Everyone, including residents, landowners, environmentalists and health authorities will be staging demonstrations. Why can't we do the same here? We are all human beings and risk of cyanide will be the same everywhere. I fully support calls for environmental groups and responsible authorities to probe the leakages and make the report known to everyone, only then we can believe GRML's assertion that there is no leakage and that the gold ridge area is safe as far as the alleged leakage is concern. Otherwise, landowners must stand up and fight unsafe approaches by any good mining company that operates at gold ridge.