Dear Editor,

I find the continuing discussions on Malaita independence and, in particular, the role of the Malaita Ma'asina Forum amusing. Let me express a couple of things.

First, I find it amusing that the survey for independence was carried out in Honiara, rather than Malaita. I would not be surprised that some of those interviewed have rarely, if ever, been to Malaita. One could therefore question the representativeness of the survey. Also, I wonder how the sample was chosen. So, the methodology of the survey could greatly affect the outcome.

I wonder what our wantoks from Malaita who live at home (on Malaita) think.

Second, I support independence for Malaita if that is what a majority of Malaitans want. That could probably be a good thing for the rest of the Solomons. For one thing, we could repatriate all of them back to their country of Malaita. This would mean less squartters in Honiara, less crime, less people to provide survices for, and we could use income generated from our resources to serve our people. Malaita makes up for 31% of the population, but income generated on Malaita makes up about 1%. So, independence for Malaita would be good for the rest of us. So, if a majority of Malaitans want independence, then I would support it.

I encourage them to think about it properly. However, I think it is not proper for organizations like the Ma'asina Forum to take advantage of many innocent and respectable Malaita people who are trying to make a respectable living like the rest of us.

Love to hear what you all think.