As someone who has a number of relatives studying at the USP, Laucala Campus, I am very happy to note that the SIG sponsored students have received partial payment of their semester one allowances this week. This is a huge relieve for us, parents, who do not have the financial capacity to support our children, while waiting for their allowances to be paid.

May I join Jimmy in applauding the officers at the MEHRD, who are responsible for organising students' allowances, especially the NTU Director and staff, and the PS, for their time and effort in ensuring that such payments are made earlier this year. This is certainly a big improvement from past years, as Jimmy has pointed out.

On behalf of parents and guardians of SIG sponsored students studying at the USP, Laucala Campus, may I also convey our sincere appreciation to the SISA executive for your tireless effort in ensuring that the partial payment of students' allowance is made as early as possible this year. Thank you so much for taking care of our children's welfare, on our behalf, at the Laucala Campus this year, and in the past years. It is our hope that such payment of student allowances are made on time, from this year onward.