Dear Editor.

I would like to respond to Solo with these Questions:
1. Which part of Malaita is ES hiding and who are the chiefs you are referring to? Are-are or South?
2. What is the latest update from the chiefs in the forests that ES in foraging as to the sighting of ES and his whereabouts who is habouring etc? Can the chiefs confirm the ES has never been sighted over the past couple of years?
3. Can we assume that ES is already in the jungle from illness? If ES is still seen in the bush gardens or around the village, the said cooperating chiefs should have persuaded him to surrender to police or to inform police in Auki.

I think that Solo is in the best position to be part of the team who will be addressing issue. At your holiday make some awareness about the essential duties of police in the communities where ES is hiding.

The incident at Borderline Police Post that I highlighted is to give you the picture of hatred of police by some communities in Honiara and in the provinces. This does not reflect a spirit of working together with police on the part of chiefs in the villages/communities.

Thank you