Close to 562 Local students studying at USP laucala campus whom are SIG sponsored students receive their part payment of allowances this week. The timely dispatchment of semester one allowance is worth commending the Sikua government through its Ministry of Education.

As the semester one has started this week students are now able to buy text books, stationery and accommodation bond/rent on time. Students have settled down well to their studies and feel that we are well cared by our government.

Majority of students receives their part payment of allowance last Tuesday and the payment to students whom are just activating their account number and those students now arriving on campus continues today.

Solomon Islands students association (SISA) wish to thank the current Sikua led government for this historical receiving of student allowance upon arrival or in week one. This is a truly the implementation of the government policy in transcending education into an improved and higher height. This is a big improvement compared to in the previous years where it was received in week 6. Our special thanks goes to the NTU staff, PS MEHRD for getting this done on time.

The students are strongly asked to use their money wisely although the government is committed and has promised to settle the remaining semester one allowance in few weeks time.

Jimmy Soalakana
SISA Vice president
USP-laucala Campus Suva Fiji
Phone- 00679-9075461