Thank you W. Luwii for your [misconcieve] response. A quick perusal through my postings on this subject would reveal that you are not responding to my comments at all, let alone addressing the issue.

I did not make any particular reference to the chiefs of North Malaita as not cooperating with the Police. Clearly that is your own assertion of fact for which, I think, the chiefs in N/Mala deserve an apology from you for that false propagation.

Its irony that you mention the assault on two police officers at Borderline in light of this issue. I can see no proximity with such incident and the issues surrounding the re-capture of Edmund Sae. The only connection I can deduced from that is, if police cannot contain drunk & disorderly people right in front of their nose, how can they manage with an escapee (ES) who is on the run in the interior of Malaita?

The only thing I agree with in your posting is the attitude of general populace in that people are sometimes reluctant to report matters to the police. However, there is no legal duty (only moral)for people to do so.