Dear Editor,

The slogan 'Keeping Honiara Clean' baffles me sometimes. I am sure some of the things that come to mind when seeing or hearing this slogan are empty plastic/bottles/bags, betel nut stalls, littered streets/market etc... Even people in higher offices too think these things in connection to the slogan. That is why the HTC & police joined hands to remove betel nut stalls in Honiara.

The questions that beg for some serious thought, at least to my mind, is what sort of cleanliness do we want in Honiara? Is it just the cleanliness outside? I think the tangible garbage we see outside is a manifestation of the intangible garbage inside of people. This includes the rotten practices prevalent inside offices & leaders, which are not known to the public but only amongst those concerned.

While I do not condone in littering Honiara, I think it is far worst in the eyes of our creator about ethical & moral decay in our society than the rubbish we see with our human eyes.