Dear Editor,

I guess Solo and Nancy knows the definition of "Dangerous Espcapee". I believe Sae's case has been handled very differently by both the local Police and RAMSI since the arrival of RAMSI in SI. To allow Sae to roam the island of Malaita freely, amidst charges for serious crimes such as the murder of the former Police Commssioner and an innocent man in Auki is very suspicious and I hope I know the answers to this. To compare the cooperation by local communities to arrest Mr. Rade, a local muslim leader for minor charges is totally questionable as well.

The outspoken acting Police Commissioner during the hunt for Mr. Rade has been issuing appeals for the communities and muslim leader to handover Rade and at the same time reminded those harbouring Rade of possible arrests for harbouring a wanted man. Why cant he do the same with Mr. Sae? Is Sae above the law? All former militant leaders have faced charges and many have been charged and imprisioned for the various crimes committed during the ethnic tension, but why Sae has been given exception?

I think its time the local Police and RAMSI commence a new operation to capture Sae. He is a wanted man,commiting very serious charges against the laws of this country. To compare Gitoa and others is lame. Gitoa is a criminal so is Sae. Lets not make comparison but lets make our communities free from trouble. People who are wanted by Police must be reported to Police so that they can be arrested, faced the law and if found innocent, good! They can walk freely once again and become part of a communities. We can all be part of this if we work together. I disagree with Solo and Nancy, I think Sae at this stage does not require any credit but needs to humble himself and give himself up. If he is truly a brave man, he should face justice, not evading police arrest and hiding in the bush.