One would wonder what is the objective of the Senior Investment Officer, and even the article in itself.

I am confused, because the guy seems to be attacking the investment rather than scrutinizing it.

The article indicated that the owners of the University of Honiara has put forward a proposal to the Government to operate here. And in actuality, they have only adopted the University position at the end of October, 2007.

Well thats barely three months ago. What seems to be the problem.

I reviewed their website, and in my view their is nothing questionable about its contents or structure.

I would agree that there should have been some consensus regarding the use of the word "honiara". But the investment division should raise such concerns with the investors not the public.

Secondly, I think locals should have some sort of percentage of controlling stake in an institute of such nature. Because of its magnitude and objectives we would have to insure our own interest.

Anyway, lets give the investors a chance to bring beneficial changes here, because we need it.

Lets give the vision of the University of Honiara a chance, because it can indeed be something for us to be proud about.

After all, if they had wanted they could have sticked with their online ideology, but at least they are considerate enough to decide on bringing the project to Solomon soil.