Dear Editor,

It is interesting to note that people are concerned and passionated so much about SIFF. I can remember quite well that a couple of years ago, SIFF had also cancelled and withdrew another U17 team that was coached by Duddley Natei for the exact reason of insufficient funds. The concern raised by Warwick about transparency and accountability is genuine. In light of this, I could remember also that Pitabelama had asked for the external auditing of SIFF's accounts. His voice did not go further after he was silenced by being voted in as senior vice president of SIFF by the congress four years ago. To get into SIFF, a person has to be nominated by members of the congress which composed of all provincial affiliated football associations.

I think the congress meets and elects new office bearers after every four years, something similar to the world governing body of football FIFA.Therefore, expressing genuine concerns from abroad may not be effective. We can raise a lot of genuine claims, but I do not think that could be digested and enacted, as everything to me is done on adhoc basis and it is believed that, there is no chartered direction in place.I am afaid that, all we can look forward to seeing will be similar decisions taken by SIFF to withdraw teams from taking part in few future competitions.

Long live Solomon Soccer.