Dear Editor,

All the administrator in SIFF office can not and will not do anything positive for our loved country sport anymore. They have reached their full capacity and done nothing to further improve this game. They ruled SIFF for so long. "Is that a monachy organisation or a mafia one". Now they are going down the drain and they are pulling the mad soccer fans, supporters, follwers down with them. Their attitude has frustrated almost all soccer Solomon Islanders. Solomon Islands current FIFA ranking is 165, now OFC has withdrawn any international competition from us, furthermore we lost a sport in worldcup qualifying stages, we also lost in the South Pacific games. All the once low ranking teams have struggle to push their way up the ladder but for Solomon Islands we are more comfortable going backwards.. what the hell are we shy!... other soccer countries are laughing and insulting us...where is the 2-2 all draw with Australia, where is the Brazil of the Pacific? SIFF administration led by Marin Alufurai, Eddie Ngavai and Noel Wagapu needs to be replaced with new personals who will have new ideas and visions for the development of soccer in this nation. If they are not replaced soon, then good bye to Solomon Soccer.