Dear Editor,

I have heard rumours with regards to misuse of funds at SIFF. Bata hem coconut nius nomoa, without records it is hard to substantiate.

Does anyone know how much money SIFF receives from OFC or FIFA and how the funds are spent? Going by previous concerns voiced in the media, it appears there is very little accountability and transparency within SIFF.

I went onto the SIFF web page and could only found news from last year. This is just pathetic! The current U17 saga could be a symptom of a poorly managed organisation. One would like to think that if it had been known that there would be shortage of funds, prior forward planning could have organised fundraising and seek assistance from the government, the public and other organisations. People are passionate about football, I'm sure there is no shortage of donors.

As Midweek Jani had pointed out, may be there is lack of vision and forward planning or the office bearers have been around too long. I guess being there too long is not the real issue but failing to learn and grow and raise the capacity of SIFF. May be SIFF could do with the injection of new people with fresh ideas to take it to the next level. Does anyone know the process of selecting office bearers? Perhaps the public could put forward passionate, honest, learned people to manage SIFF. It seems SIFF is plagued by lack of direction and apathy.

To be fair to SIFF I think a majority of the public do not know how the organisation is managed or how it relates to OFC/FIFA or how funds are used. May be there are genuine reasons for SIFF not being able to send the U17 to NZ. Perhaps SIFF should do the honourable thing by shedding some light on these matters. However, it is worth noting people in the Solomons are very pragmatic. What you say is not as important as what you do, not surprisingly the Good Book states "a tree is judged by its fruits".