I was amused by the tone of the letter writer on the question of the University of Honiara online.

I myself (being a recently retired online lecturer of the institution) knows that the name University of Honiara came into effect less than two months ago because all of us was sent notices that the International Institute of Travel and Tourism (as it was called up to November, 2007), would be evolved into a virtual University.

If the writer was an intelligent individual he would have check the internet to verify how long did the domain name: www.university-of-honiara.com was registered and I am quite certain that he would discover that it is no more than two months ago.
The previous site can be accessed at: www.previous.university-of-honiara.com or http://previous.university-of-honiara.com

Secondly, I had inquired and discovered that the administrators of the University had initiated communication with the previous Government of the Solomon Islands on the subject of establishing a University there.

The phantom writer also mentioned that he cannot access any degree course via the website.

Again, if he (the phantom writer) was literate enough, he would have researched and discovered that accreditation was given for degrees to be issued under the name: International Institute of Travel and Tourism. And regulations established that an institution that changes it name would have to re-apply for accreditation under the new name. And as such cannot offer courses above the undergraduate degree level unless it obtains accreditation. In this case, the University of Honiara did the right thing by making its online degree courses unavailable until its accreditation submissions are reviewed and re-approved.

In my view, the writer of that letter seems to be a fictitious individual with ulterior motives.

The name of that writer is also published in an article on the University's project website at: www.campus2012.info

The writer knows the names and other information of the investors, and he did had to duped the public into wild tirades. The people of the Solomon Islands can simply call his office at the Investment division and obtain that information, since investors has to provide credible information such as their passport, etc.

In conclusion, the University of Honiara online is being monitored by at least three major American internet watchdogs (Isafe, Spam Safe, and IBICM) in addition to safe payment verification by ebay and Pay Pal. These web monitors watch seals can be found on the institution's website, and anyone who had done business with the University and is dissatisfied can file a complaint with either organization, all of whom has serious investigating and enforcement policies.

Americans, New Zealanders, Australians, Britons, Canadians and people from at least twenty five other nations have been enrolled into this institution prior to its name change.

Is this name change that bad for the Solomon Islands ?
Let the members of the public be the judge.

Thank you.