Dear Sir,
I write to congratulate police for their work in apprehending the alleged attacker of an Anglican priest in East Malaita last year.

Equally, I wish to record congratulations for the cooperation police received from the muslim community to effect such a positive outcome.

Congratulations. Keep up the good work, police

Members of the public often with some justifications in certain instances, blame police for not doing enough to bring people to court to account for their actions.

This case is a testimony to the fact that unless communities cooperate and participate with police in crime prevention, a lot of money, time and efforts would be wasted in pursuing alleged offenders.

To bring many of the outstanding cases to a close, community cooperation with police is not only vital but critical.

Communities need to do more.

We should not be blaming police, if we, the communities are not prepared to help police in the time-consuming and often dangerous task they undertake everyday.

S Alfred Sasako