Dear Sir,
May I congratulate SPC and the Solomon Islands Government on the occasion of the former opening its first in-country office in Honiara this week.

In doing so, I wish to congratulate in particular, SPC Director General, Dr Jimmie Rodgers, for the initiative.

I am somewhat left in a limbo as to the real rationale for establishing the Office.

Sure, I know the reasons given at the opening ceremony. However, given the hard economic times we are going through, compounded by donor fatigue, I wonder whether one can read more into the the initiative than what meets the eye?

Knowing how particular regional organizations are with their dollar and the Director General's far sightedness, does the launch of the SPC office in Honiara, signal the onslaught of some kind of contractable epidemic that the country's health infrastructure is ill-equipped to deal with?

Alfred Sasako

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