Dear Sir,

Now that SkyAirWorld has decided to cut back on its tri-weekly flights between Brisbane and Honiara to just once a week, one wonders what the motive was in entering the narrow but lucrative sector in the first place?

Was the decision more to do with the Anuha Resort in Central Province than servicing the route?

Now that it has got the project in the bag, thanks to the government's generosity in awarding the project without tender, what an appropriate time to get out?

Given this record, what assurance is there that Anuha will get off the ground, if at all?

Is Anuha facing another bout of the John Smith syndrome that would only delay the project for another decade or more?

The Cairns-Japan sector being highlighted as the reason for the cutback is just as laughable as it is an excuse.

SkyAirWorld simply does not have the capacity [in terms of aircraft fleet and fuel capacity on its existing fleet] to make even one way of the journey.

Alfred Sasako.