Hey fellas. Want to know what I discovered. I was online trying to get some info on which online university can offer a better degree course. All of a sudden I stumbled on a new discovery. There is a University called "University of Honiara" operating out of the blue through the online mode. A search for getting what type of degree this instituttion offer was futile as there was a message saying " database upgrading courses. please check back later" I was so curious to know the existence of this uni so I contacted the investment division if this uni has approval to carry business under the name "honiara". And what did the officials says. "they are now submitting their application to the Government of Solomon Islands for investment registration". According to some simple searches, this group has been using the name "University of Honiara" for a couple of years now and it seems no one in the Solomon Islands know their existence. Quite amusing to know how they can use the word " Honiara" attached to their University. Can someone expose this group more as it is interesting to know their identity. Can reach them at: http://www.university-of-honiara.com or email info@unversity-of-honiara.com. Might be another scam. I don't know. Over to you fellas