Dear Sir,

Jammie of Asia hit the nail on the head in his contribution to this debate. I hold or subscribe to the view that it appears selective application of the law was at play in Sir Allan Kemakeza's case. Not Sir Allan's fault, I must make that clear.

It was selective because whilst the government was fully aware of the plight of the MP for East Honiara, it failed to apply section 51 (1) of the Constitution to his case.

The nagging question that continues to beg answers is why? Why apply the law to one person and not to another?

Come to think of it, it defeats the very purpose of the law which is supposed to deliver justice and fairness to all.

Selective application of the law is dangerous. It marginalizes people. It has the potential to create sectarian and ethnic violence.

It has happened in other countries. Solomon Islands is far too small to allow this sort of practice. It can tear us apart.

Law is about common sense. When it is used selectively to suit, the warning light should be flashing - non-stop!

Alfred Sasako