Perhaps the ANTECH saga demonstrates many unscrupulous deals by gov't ministries and departments, and up or down the ranks when it comes to issues of public tenders. It is an issue that is becoming cronic with compounding complication as it invloves Ministers - the very people who suppose to lead by examples. Word by mouth (coconut wireless) in the street of Honiara are as good as facts. We hear of small companies or individuals winning bids because of collusion with gov't officers which which the latter would recieve "kickbacks". This ripe in our gov't (present and past). Something has to be done about this. And here, I would suggest that media should be higlighting such issue, doing more invsetigative journalisms. I would like to at this point congradulate A. Sasako who at the number of time raised and contributed to issues as such including cases of injustice in our country.