Dear Sir,
As this is my final comment on this on-going debate, I simply wish to say this.

I have read the various contributions - from the Attorney General's, the Speaker's and others.

None has adequately addressed the fundamental issue that I have consistently raised: what appears to be the selective application of section 51 of the Constitution to deal with Sir Allan's case.

Law and its application is about justice. Justice is about fairness. Both elements were absent in this case.

Ms Moala, I wish to say this. I just hope neither you nor any of your relatives find himself or herself in a similar situation in the future.

The point I am trying to put across is that it can happen to you or anyone for that matter.

The public as an important stakeholder in our society ought to be aware that such a biased application of the law should never be allowed in the future.

We must have fairness and justice for all, not selectively, in the application of our laws.

In other words, those who have the power to apply the law must never be allowed to apply it to suit.

Finally, I wish to assure Ms Moala that I read the Speaker's article published in the solomon star last week. I hope she did too.

I hope she also read his interview aired on Radio New Zealand International.

If you are confused, take heart. You are not alone.

Alfred Sasako