Great idea and work Riverside women group.

Dear Editor - Thank you for publishing this short note which I want to personally thank and congratulate our hard working women of Riverside in Small Malaita for their tireless effort in initiating such an wonderful and incredible project for the welfare of the people in the rural village of Riverside.

To all the women in Riverside village in Small Malaita, you have proven to other like minded women around the island and the country that achieving a common goal and purpose in mind doesn't take somebody well recognized, or a well university graduate to realized such an helpful idea, but rather it only takes initiative ideas follow by commitments, perseverance and working togetherness to achieve and realize common goals with the common purpose in mind.
I understand the hindrance and the difficulties faced during the process leading up the launching, but I'm convinced too that through the cohesiveness of the group in all means, the group finally achieved its dream for the good of the community for now and the future. To you all the hard working women of Riverside Village, I hope you well aware that the life of the good project rest entirely on how well it properly managed.

Therefore, just want to join other people to raise the same sediment that proper management and taking good care of any project is the key to the durability of such a good help, once again ladies keep up with the good work.

On this same thought I want to thank the donor the European Union for tremendous help towards our women for them to realized their dreams in helping their own community in terms of providing social services and generating small incomes, but not for this project only but more importantly for the generous and continues support the Union has done and shown towards the country for the past years. You've done a great work in Solomon Islands like you've done in other parts around the world, and also not forgetting our good govt through the Ministry of National Planning and Aid Coordination for all the possible support given towards our donors to implement this project successfully and to the women group for the encouragement for them to be part of the downstream activities.

With this opportunity I'd like to thank any other women group around South Malaita, or the nation as whole who has the common ideas and purpose in mind in helping their respective communities, you all have done a tremendous work. keep on with the good work.

With the modern idea about rural development, we the people should be the main players in the rural development, we should show to the govt and the donors that we are ready to participate in the rural development with the responsibility given and bestow.
We should show and demonstrate our willingness and commitment that we as people are ready to engage and participate fully in development in any possible means. More to the idea of modern rural development, the govt and aid donors should give the chance for the people to voice out their potentiality to the idea of rural development.

This whole idea of development wrap up in the powerful statement of late President JF. Kennedy of United State of America decades ago, let me put in the context of Solomon Islands. " Ask not what our respective families, communities, constituencies, provinces and Solomon Islands as a country can do for us, but rather we should ask ourselves what we as Solomon Islanders can do for our families, communities, constituencies, provinces and Solomon Islands as a nation?"

Lastly, I just want to remind my good and faithful MP for Small Malaita to help in any possible means towards our women and constituency as whole with funds available for development of the livelihood of the rural people, if the MP has done it already then I'd like to thank him for the great job. Keep up with your good work.

Once again, Riverside women, European Union, Govt, other associate helpers, and those similar group out there in and around Solomon Islands, thank you and I salute you all for the job well done.

Together we can visualize the change we want to see in our communities and Solomon Islands as Nation.

God bless Small Malaita and Solomon Islands.