Drear editor,

I am not sure of Mr Sasako's assertion that Sir Allan twice appeal his case with the High court of Solomon Islands. The only appeal I know of that Sir Allan did in the high court was against his conviction by the magistrate in November 2007. The case number is criminal Case Number 478 of 2007 in which a judgment was handed down on 22nd August 2008 dismissing the appeal and upholding the decision of the Magistrate's court. In terms of the number of appeals as Mr Sasako wants to question, there is no such thing as limiting how many times one would like to appeal. This is a determination that only the courts can do and one should not be restricted from appealing until the whole appeal process is exhausted. The Solomon Islands courts system is such that the last court of the land is the court of appeal. If one is not satisfy with a decision by the magistrate court one can apply to the high court and if still disagrees with the decision of the high court, the last place to appeal is with the court of appeal. This is exactly what Sir Allan is doing.

I find no difficulty whatsoever relating to the private view of the Speaker in relating to this issue and if one finds the views put across by the Speaker very confusion then I guess that person is a confuse person in relation to this issue and how the law apples to this issue.

Like Tesua I wish not to further comment on this issue.