Dear Sir,
I write to thank Mr. Dumusiko for his views on this matter. I don't have a personal agenda on this nor is the issue about Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The issue is about the TIMING OF and the PROCESS used to arrive, as Parliament did, on the outcome.

Because I am not a English man, I simply don't havea good definition for appeal.

If Dumusiko and his like-minder thinkers follow the case in question closely, they would find that Sir Allan had appealed his case twice before the High Court upheld a counter-appeal by the Prosecution.

One thing is sure in this case. Section 51 on which Dumusiko and his mates depended rather heavily on is very silent on the definition of appeal in terms of the number of times an MP has at his/her disposal.

Some would think that the appeal process has somewhat been adequately applied.

What more is there to achieve?

In terms of the Speaker's Private View article, yes I read that. A very confusing piece of work, if one were to read it in concert of what the Speaker told Radio New Zealand International in a radio interview last Friday.

The problem we have in solomon islands is when a matter of public discussion is raised, someone is out there to rubbish someone.

I bet Mr. Dumusiko that if someone else had raised the issues I raised on this matter, he would never raise a finger? Is that true? Off course, it is. It's just that some are not man enough to admit it