Dear Sir,
Tesua Muatangi's letter on this subject is an interesting one.

In fact, I don't expect the likes of Tesua to understand my stand because he has never been in parliament before to appreciate the fine lines of the separation of powers.

I am pleased however that despite the same argument advanced by the learned Attorney General in his letter published by the solomon star newspaper, the Speaker, in an interview with Radio New Zealand International has said in no uncertain terms that Sir Allan and anyone else who found himself in similar situation, loses his seat.

That's good enough and heartening for ordinary solomon islanders.

I firmly believe that had it not [not] been for Sir Allan's case, parliament would not have wasted its time to debate and pass the motion in question.

It does not take a rocket scientist to follow the argument I've advanced in my article, similar to views expressed by prominent lawyer, Garry Faito'o.

S Alfred Sasako