Dear Editor,

I write to place on record sentiments in support of comments attributed to the head of the country's chamber of commerce, Mr. Hemmer on the government's 2009 budget.

It does not surprise me.

But it does remind me of our own MP and Minister for Infrastructure Development, Stanley Sofu's vote buying pie-in-the-sky promise to the people of East Kwaio last year.

After the government's 2008 budget was passed, he told the people of East Kwaio that the $1 million earmarked for the Constituency's Rural Livelihood would be used to build a 40km road from Kwaibaita River to Sinarangu.

A department's engineer sent to conduct a preliminary survey of the stretch found such a promise hilarious and an object of ridicule.

How can one build a 40km road with a mere $1 million? Either someone has not done his homework or he's been led to keep the blind leading the blind.

For one thing, 2008 was well and truly behind us but even a single weed has been taken off the stretch?

Are we facing another government walkout by the MP who is known for his stunt in order to force the PM's hand into giving extra money as he did with the Cattle and Fisheries fundings last year?