I just want to make few comments on the used of Tsunami funds in which Mr. Sogavare claimed that he nor his outgoing government shouldn't be labelled for mis-handling. It was a real pity for our very own people who were severely affected and needed so much help in many ways from a caring government that at the end of the day most funds ended up somewhere else where them supposed not to be. Mr. Sogavare is solely responsible for the actions of his Ministers and should not lay fingers on an individual minister for that matter on issues affecting the wider community because at the end of the day, he is the one who oversees that his government and the individuals therewithin act according to directives or policies governing funds allocated for such relief.
Some of the old ministers who were labelled for mis-management of public funds have been given ministrial post again in the new setting. I wish they could realise how important their decisions are and should make decisions and allocate public funds in a way that would make real and meaningful impacts on the growing population of the solomon Islands.