I was interested to read about certain articles regarding the worth of Our $100.00 Note. I agree with Cecilia that most of our goods are imported from abroad, thus importers incur expenses that should be covered given the exchange rate and the fluctuation of our currency.

I feel like contributing a few assumptions I have with regards to the price hike in Solomon Islands.

Firstly I assume the Solomon Islands Chinese Association contribute to the Price hike.
I believe that Chinese Association in Solomon Islands controls the price of all the goods in Chinese Shops. From observations, one chinese owns several shops in Town. As such it leads me to assume that as soon the the association agrees on a certain price all their shops will put that price. Sometimes they might suggest a price range.

I will also link the Price hike to the recent burning and looting in China Town. I come to this assumption because Shop Owners in China Town lost millions of dollars. As such they must recover their loses, thus increasing of current good prices. Those shop owners suffered a great loss as such, they have to make us rip the consequences of our actions.

These are my only assumptions. God Bless Solomon in the Coming Year, 2009. May the New year give us new ideas to make Solomon Islands one of the economically properous country in the World..