Inhumane,barbaric,uncivilized and disgusting was the action of that cruel father that has led to the death of that innocent,precious little child. While children of his/her age were enjoying the spirit of Christmas,this innocent little blessing from above was suffering to death from the agony and pain from that senseless and cruel beating. Unbelievable, that a child of age two could be brutally beaten like those hardcore criminals,rascals or prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.I can not imagine and bear those whips,slashes and punches that little child was experiencing at that moment of terror and darkness.

A child to had ceased in that way justify to the ignorance and unawareness of Childrens Right by certain members of our society.Whilst children are always to be protected,i question the whereabouts of the mother,relatives and community members when that drama was unfolding.At least they could intervene and save that innocent life. I plead to everyone to work together to ensure that our children are protected from abuse,intimidation and other form of violence.I also plead with parents to control their anger and disappointments from reaching down to innocent children.I recommend easily tempered parents to seek counseling or attend anger management courses.Or else the 24/7 available and best remedy is allowing God to take full control of our lives and homes.

Lastly, let us allow God's peace and love to rule our individual lives,our families and communities.I pray that everyone will help care for our little ones and not to allow such terrible incidents from repeating in the future.In the meantime,let the law carry its course and have that uncaring father face justice.

May I wish every little ones and big ones a happy new year celebration.GOD BLESS.