Dear Editor,
It's good to see that the government sympathises with the jailing of Sir. Allan.

In the contrary, nobody is above the law and therefore he deserves to be in there just like any ordinary Solomon Islanders. The question i would like to pause now is that, "What is so special about Sir Allan?" He deserved to be jailed because he had contravened the law of the land.

On the question of his hardwork in trying to bring back peace to the country. This is what he took the oaths of allegience for, before taking up his responsibilities as a MP and subsequently as a PM.

He had been enjoying all the priviliges during his term as PM and most importantly his terms as member of parliament. Enough is enough.

Since he is being convicted already,let him in just like his other colleague MPs and other ordinary SI citizens. Prison is not death its just a lesson. Please be fair to everybody because nobody is above the law of the land.