I appreciate Mr. Taisie for his achiement in learning Multiple Languages. Congratulations!

However, I have few cooments to make with reagrds to his previous posting on this site.

He rightly stated that given the globalization, one must opt or decide to learn mutilpe Langauges rather than waiting or relyin on the Government. Thank you for that. Anyway, my brother, you do not see where these people are coming. They (Nuake and Wani) sugessted that there is a need to address that. This is because they have been doing their studies overseas and have to spend a year or so in learning the language of that particular Country prior to entering any University. Hem requirment.

So it is clear that they do no agree with that. They were saying that there is a need to train anyone wishing to take those sholarships at home before leaving Solomon Islands.

Rather than telling these people that you a a multi lingual person, you should help contribute in some ways that we can adress their concern. I am saying this because they are there under schoalrships, and may be you are privately sponsored. I believe most of the student who are taking such schilarships
come from rural areas. As such they do not have enough money to meet their own fees like you(if u did).

Hem nomoa, bro. But I congratulate you for your achievement.