Dear sir,

I wish to take this opportunity to discuss a worrying trend within the SI government such as, MP's who have a) served time in jail, b) still have fraudalent cases pending against them but are still granted the privillege of being MPs'.
In my opinion, MPs' are the highest elected representatives for people in the parliament and therefore, they should be honest, have intergrity, abide by the laws of the SI laws and should be good role models in every way as respectable and descent people of the Solomon Islands. I do not believe that to MP's who have criminal records should be serving in parliament for the following reasons a) they tarnish the name of Solomon Islands within the national and international setting, b) belittle the reputation of the current government of the day c) they set precedence for ongoing and future MP's and the government of the SI and finally, d) only the SI government is one goverment that allows criminals to serve as MPs.

The question that I want to pose here is, Why are the SI people allowing that to happen. Is it because there are no educated or experience people available to serve the government? I also wonder if there are hidden motives within the cabinet for allowing such a bill to pass through the parliament, because at the end of the day, it is the grassroots people of SI who suffered under the hard core criminals' leadership.